3 telecare products that can help support carers

According to figures from Carers Trust, there are around seven million carers in the UK (one in ten people). And with an ageing population, this figure is rising.

Alarmingly, 72% of carers in the UK said their mental health had suffered as a result of caring. Despite campaigns like Carers Week raising awareness, it’s important that more systems are put in place to support those who have a duty of care. Here are 4 telecare products that are designed to help:

Personal alarm pendant

This is a discrete device that can be worn around the wrist or neck. Push the red button and an alarm is immediately raised. It offers 24-hour support for the individual and round the clock reassurance for the carer. 

How does it work?

The pendant works with the personal alarm service, raising a call to the 24-hour contact centre if an emergency arises. Here the caller’s name, address and medical details are instantly displayed on an operator’s screen. The operator can offer support through the personal alarm unit’s loudspeaker whilst help is arranged. 

How does it help?

This device allows carers to leave the house, take a break and sleep soundly knowing that they will be informed if anything happens. 

Care Assist pager

This is a portable device that can send carers instant alerts from a variety of telecare sensors. With a range of up to 200 metres, it’s suitable for dementia care, intermediate care, learning disability, residential and respite care facilities.

How does it work?

When a telecare sensor is activated, the pager will vibrate and beep to alert the carer. It will also display clear information about the incident so that they can quickly take the appropriate action.

How does it help?

The Care Assist pager allows onsite carers to provide a high level of care whilst still living independently. It can also benefit informal carers who may not want to be connected to a 24-hour monitoring centre service.


This is a simple way to keep a set of keys safe, whilst giving carers peace of mind. Fitted outside a property, the Supra C500 KeySafe is a secure and police approved solution.

How does it work?

This device can only be opened with a unique code. In the event of an emergency, Welbeing will pass this code onto the emergency services. Importantly, they can then enter the property without forcing entry. 

How does it help?

Carers can quickly access the property without having to carry a spare key. For individuals, KeySafe can be lifesaving. Furthermore, they don’t need to worry about leaving a key under the mat or in a plant pot; This system is completely secure. 

Other solutions and services that can support carers

For people caring for individuals suffering from dementia, a OneCall bracelet can offer valuable peace of mind. Containing a number for Welbeing’s 24/7 emergency service, the bracelet can also benefit individuals with diabetes, epilepsy and mental health conditions

Funded by East Sussex County Council, Telecheck arranges phone calls with individuals so that carers take a short break (they can leave home for up to four hours at a time). Similarly, East Sussex County Council also offers the Carers Respite Emergency Support Scheme (CRESS). Providing short-term emergency plans, this service is available 24/7.

Call 01323 644422 or email [email protected] for more advice and support.