Baking for Dementia UK & Admiral Nurses

​​Dementia can be isolating, sad and worrying for individuals and their loved ones. Here at Welbeing, through our work with elderly and vulnerable people in our communities, we know only too well the devastating effect dementia can have on people’s lives.

However, there are plenty of support services that can help those people with the disease and those caring for them, which is why seeking advice and support as early as possible is of paramount importance and can make a real difference.

Man holding his head in his hands

March sees Dementia UK, one of our charities of choice, welcome back its ‘time for a cuppa’ tea party in aid of dementia, with the charity urging communities to join them in fundraising to provide more Admiral Nurses between 1st-8th March.

Typical symptoms of dementia include memory problems, ranging from occasional forgetfulness to more significant memory loss, issues with cognitive ability, and the onset of problems with communication. There are different types of dementia, ranging from Alzheimer’s disease (which is characterised by issues with using language, memory loss, and spatial awareness) through to vascular dementia which is caused by small strokes causing damage to the brain.

There are many other issues for those with dementia to contend with that go beyond just physical and mental symptoms. Dementia can affect people emotionally, making some sufferers unwilling to get a diagnosis or seek advice. This is further fuelled by the fact there is currently no cure for dementia, meaning asking for help can sometimes appear hopeless, which doesn’t have to be the case.

Dementia conditions

At Welbeing, one of the common themes we notice with patients suffering from a variety of conditions and ailments is the desire to remain as independent as possible. Despite many conditions causing individuals to require additional help, there are simple aids that people with mobility and cognitive issues can use to assist with having a better quality of life while also remaining safe and offering peace of mind. Systems like our personal pendant or GPS locator gives people and those caring from them reassurance while venturing outside without assistance.

You may remember our case study on Mrs W. Like many with dementia, she would occasionally leave the house unannounced, causing concern for her carer husband, whose own health was not without complications. Mr W took out a telecare package to assist his wife and put his mind at ease, which included a falls detector, lifeline unit, keysafe, pressure mat and sensors. Mr W’s fears that both he and his wife may end up in care, and would no longer be able to enjoy daily activities such as walking their dog were alleviated once the system had been installed. Their story is typical of many dementia sufferers and demonstrates the need for ample support for those living with dementia, to ensure they continue to enjoy a fulfilling life while living with the disease.

Accepting assistance is important while dealing with a condition such as dementia, and Admiral Nurses are specially trained to support those with dementia and their carers. They offer a variety of services including emotional support and advice on coping mechanisms, while also liaising with other healthcare professionals throughout the duration of the condition. Admiral Nurses also enable independence in patients, as they often assist people to stay at home for as long as possible, delaying the need for residential care.


The team at Welbeing is passionate about supporting worthy causes that affect our local communities, so we’ll be getting our bake on when ‘time for a cuppa’ returns, in the hope our culinary efforts will raise some much needed funds to provide more Admiral Nurses to those in need. The week-long event sees Dementia UK ask businesses and individuals alike to come together and enjoy tea and home baked goods. The event is also a great opportunity to get those who may otherwise be isolated in your local area out and about, meeting people and socialising – to find out more about the event and download your party pack.

If you would like to find out more about Welbeing’s telecare services and how they could help you, contact our friendly team of specialists who will help you find your perfect telecare solution today.