Introducing #OurWelbeing – content for all our users

It’s no coincidence that here at Welbeing we really care about well being. Our vision is to empower people to stay safe and independent in their home.

That’s why we have decided to claim 2018 the year of #OurWelbeing. We’re going to spend this year telling you more about the great products and services you love – and even letting you know about the things you might not know what we do.

But why the title #OurWelbeing? Well, it’s simple really…

When you decide to take out a product or a service to support a vulnerable or elderly loved one, it’s not just their wellbeing that you are taking care of, and providing for. By taking one of our services you are also taking care of yourself too, getting complete peace of mind for the cost of £3.68 per week.

A Welbeing personal alarm offers wellbeing for the whole of the family.

And, to show we mean what we say – we’re going to be adding to our website in a way that helps you -and your family to live your life better.

Beneficial content

The #OurWelbeing campaign will see a whole host of new and beneficial content that helps YOU. Helps with the person you care for. Helps with the whole family.

Choosing a service from Welbeing is only the start. We’re here to help with the little things in life too.

So, over the next year you will see articles, hints and tips and news that affects you. The content, which will be posted here in the blog section of our website, will cover:

  • Health & fitness
  • Activities – like gardening and cooking
  • Advice – on benefits and you and the law
  • Hints and tips – how do you make your meals go further, heating your home at winter

But this is not just a one way street… we want to hear from you too, the Welbeing community. Do you have a hint that could help a vulnerable person? Do you care for someone and have a brilliant way to unwind? #OurWelbeing is our holistic campaign for 2018 – just use the hash tag on Facebook or Twitter if you want to share something with us. It could be something as simple as a photo of a birthday celebration or a trip to the park.

#OurWelbeing is a celebration of life and the life of carers. Let us share it with you.