West Sussex joins Welbeing for ‘Back to the Floor’ visit

West Sussex County Council Principal Social Worker Tracy Davis went ‘Back to the Floor’ for the day with the Council’s contracted telecare provider, Welbeing, who provide a free 13 week package of lifeline services to those referred to the scheme.

Tracy spent the morning shadowing staff responding to emergency calls at Welbeing’s Eastbourne contact centre, before later visiting an installation in Ferring. She said: “They treated every caller with equal respect and in the same manner, whether it was an accidental or meaningful call.”

Welbeing’s contact centre staff aim to answer all calls within the first 60 seconds, with the strict code of conduct by the Telecare Services Association stating that 99% of calls must be answered within 3 minutes.

Tracy added: “The amount that they handle is amazing. By the time I arrived at 10.50am, they had already dealt with 1,200 calls.”

After making the trip from East to West Sussex, Tracy met one of Welbeing’s newest customers at her remote bungalow in time for a routine hour and a half hour installation.

Homeowner Patricia welcomed the telecare’s arrival including; a new smoke alarm, replacement key safe and Lifeline personal alarm, as part of her free 13-week trial.

The engineer was quick to resolve phone line interference audible through the newly installed base unit, as well recognising the need to replace the worn, existing key safe.

“She was more than happy to receive the equipment and found it relatively easy to use. It really was a successful visit this afternoon,” reflected Tracy.

By having the technology installed, elderly residents like Patricia can be supported to remain living independently at home, without needing to turn to more formal options such as home care or residential care.

Steve Smith, Welbeing CEO added “We were absolutely delighted to welcome Tracy to our new head office. The volume and variety of calls we receive is truly incredible. It was great that Tracy was able to experience that first hand, as well as seeing how an installation takes place and how much it means to the individual receiving the service”.