Affordable personal alarms with 24/7 support

With over 45 years of experience, discover our most affordable personal alarm service in the market to help your loved ones live independently & safely with 24/7 support.

An elderly man wearing the in-home personal alarm

In-home personal alarm service £17 per month

If your loved one has fallen, feels unwell, has a medical emergency or is in distress in their home or garden, our in-home personal alarm telecare service provides an easy and quick way to get help.

Out and about personal alarm

Out-and-about personal alarm service £25 per month

When out and about for a walk, visiting friends or shopping, your loved ones will receive the help they need at the press of a button with our out-and-about personal alarm telecare service.

With our 24/7 personal alarm service, you can rest assured that your loved ones are safe and well looked after without the need to travel to their home. At the press of a button, your loved one can call for help in an emergency or accident, whether at home or outdoors. When you’re not near your elderly family member or loved one, it can be difficult to take care of them even though you want to.

What is a personal alarm service?

A personal alarm service is a device or service created to provide assistance and emergency support to individuals, typically the elderly or those with disabilities, who may be at risk of accidents or medical emergencies while living independently. Personal alarms are especially valuable for those who want to maintain their independence but need a way to get help quickly in case of an emergency.

How does a personal alarm work?

When in the house or outdoors, your loved one can raise an alarm for help at the touch of a button and speak to our expert team 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Button press

Press the button

The user presses a button on the personal alarm pendant or base unit if they are in distress, have a fall, feel unwell or need assistance.

Speech bubble

Speak to our staff

Our staff will speak to the user via the base unit or pendant. If our team cannot get in touch, they will summon help.


Help is on the way

Help will arrive from a nominated key holder (relative, friend or neighbour) or, if necessary, the emergency services.

Read more about what happens when a user presses a personal alarm.

Older gentlemen in the garden

Who can benefit from our personal alarms?

As one of the UK’s largest telecare organisations, our personal alarms are designed to support a range of people to live at home independently. Our personal alarm service can help if you:

  • are elderly and/or vulnerable
  • have a long-term medical condition
  • live alone and/or are at risk of falling
  • have dementia, epilepsy or heart disease
  • want to keep your loved one safe when you’re not around

Helping vulnerable individuals live independently

For the elderly, vulnerable and disabled people, we’re dedicated to making their lives easier and better with: 

  • Quality you can trust — Our accreditations demonstrate our commitment to customer satisfaction. It means we deliver personal alarm telecare services at the highest possible level and meet the strictest standards.
  • No minimum term contract — We’ll never tie you into a minimum term contract. You rent your equipment month by month. All we ask is that you give us one month’s notice if you need to cancel.
  • 24-hour monitoring centre — Our UK-based monitoring centre is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and our friendly and expert operators are specially trained.
  • Experience & expertise — We have over 30 years of experience providing personal alarm services, and medical professionals highly recommend our service.

The credentials to reassure

Careium is proud to hold the industry’s primary accreditations and credentials, reflecting our commitment to quality and customer service. We work tirelessly to ensure we uphold the highest standards of service. 

The Telecare Services Association is the industry’s largest specific membership network across local government, health and the private sector and our Quality Standards Framework (QSF) status shows that quality is embedded in our organisation. 

ISO are globally recognised standards that demonstrate our ability to consistently provide products and services that meet the needs of our customers and other relevant stakeholders. We are proud to hold ISO 9001 (quality), 14001 (environmental) and 27001 (information security). We’re committed to helping the vulnerable live an independent life.

Got any questions?

Contact our friendly team here to get more information on which personal alarm is best suited for you. Alternatively, read our frequently asked questions to learn more about how to order, set up and use your personal alarm service. 

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