User & installation guides for personal alarms

Discover our personal alarms and extras that are easy to set up and install. Our step-by-step guides can walk you through the entire process. If you run into any issues with the setup, our friendly staff will guide you through it on 0300 333 6511 or contact us.

In-home personal alarms

Discover our guides and installation guides for in-home personal alarms.

Activity alarm guides

Read our guides for our home activity monitoring alarm.

Out-and-about personal alarms

Find out how to install our out-and-about personal alarm.

Careium 450 guides

Careium 450 Guides

Add-ons & accessories

Discover how to install our add-ons and accessories for your personal alarm.

Smoke detector guides

Smoke Detector Guides

Ellis pendant guide

Ellis Pendant Guides

Enzo pendant guides

Enzo Pendant Guides

Extreme temperature guides

Extreme Temp Sensor Guides

Flood detector guide

Flood Detector Guides

Vibby fall detector guides

Vibby Fall Detector Guides

CO2 detector guides

CO2 Detector Guides

Enzo Bogus Caller guides

Enzo Bogus Caller Guides


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