Complaints policy

We take all complaints seriously and are committed to a policy that includes logging any query, request, or complaint, formal or informal and responding within a publicised period.

On receipt of the query, request, or complaint, you will get acknowledgement within 3 days, and the complaint will be logged on our complaints register.

  • We are committed to responding to your complaint within 10 working days.
  • If escalation to another department is required for facts and investigation, we will contact you within 5 days to explain that the timescale may be extended.
  • We have escalation stages within the complaints policy to the Customer Experience Manager (or Customer Service Operations Lead if initially handled by the Customer Experience Manager), then the Operations Director relevant to the complaint and lastly, the senior management team with a response requested within 30 days.

If you wish to make a complaint or query an action taken about any aspect of the service delivered to you, you can do so in a variety of ways.

  • By telephone: Call the Customer Service team at 0300 3336511 and select option 1. If the customer service adviser is unable to resolve your query or to respond satisfactorily to your complaint immediately, they will take your name, contact details and brief details of the complaint and pass through the details to the complaints department by email, who will acknowledging receipt of the complaint the register number and will respond within 10 working days.
  • By post: Write to Careium, Aspinall House, Walker Office Park, Blackburn, Lancashire, BB1 2QE. This will be scanned to the complaints team who will acknowledging receipt of the complaint the register number and will respond within 10 working days.
  • By email: Send an email to [email protected]. An acknowledgement email will be provided, and an auto-response email will be supplied acknowledging receipt of the complaint and the register number and will respond within 10 working days.

The unbiased approach of the Customer Experience team will investigate the facts of the complaint and, where necessary, may need to consult with other departments to gain full transparency of the details. This may mean a delay in the response of 10 working days; however, if this is the case, we will contact you and let you know that the timescale has had to increase and why we seek the necessary information to deal with your query or complaint.

The Customer Experience team will be able to inform you of any actions taken because of the complaint you have made. Due to data protection and any complaints made because of any actions taken or assumed by a Careium employee, we discussed directly with the relevant person and record the detail.

In addition, all complaints are reviewed by Careium management on a weekly, monthly, and annual basis as part of the quality control. These periodic reviews provide an opportunity for Careium management to discuss ways of improving our goods and services delivery as part of our continuous improvement process, and statistical analysis of the complaints data is presented to identify any trends for immediate or periodic action.