Complaints policy

If you wish to make a complaint or query an action taken about any aspect of the service delivered to you, you can do so in a variety of ways.

How to make a complaint

  • By telephone by calling the Customer Care Team on 01323 644422. If the adviser is unable to resolve your query or to respond satisfactorily to your complaint immediately, they will either transfer your call directly through to the Quality Control (QC) team or take your name, contact details and brief details of the complaint to pass through to the QC team who will deal with your complaint.
  • By post by writing to Careium, Aspinall House, Walker Office Park, Blackburn, Lancashire, BB1 2QE. Customer Feedback leaflet.
  • By email by writing to [email protected]

Who will deal with your complaint?

The Quality Control (QC) team deals with complaints logged with Careium. The QC team may well contact Field Service Supervisors and other teams in order to collate the necessary information in order to deal with your query.

How soon will you receive a response?

If your complaint is made by either post, email or taken as a telephone message you will receive acknowledgement of your correspondence within 1 working day. The Quality Controller logs all complaints received immediately on to our electronic database. The QC team aims to resolve all complaints and queries within 10 working days. If it is not possible to complete the full investigation within this timescale, the QC team will contact you to explain and discuss this further.

What action will be taken as a result of your complaint?

Sometimes the QC team will be able to inform you of any actions taken as a result of the complaint you have made. However, this is not always possible. Any complaints made as a result of any actions taken by an Careium employee are always discussed with the relevant person. In addition, all complaints are reviewed by Careium management on a weekly, monthly and annual basis. These reviews provide an opportunity for Careium management to discuss ways of improving our service delivery and highlight any new issues that need to be resolved.