Frequently asked questions

The cost for rental of the 'In-Home' service is £20 per month and 'Out and About' is £25, with a one off admin fee of £50 for self-install or £100 for engineer installation (certain areas only).
Your monthly fee covers the rental and monitoring of your pendant and base unit. This equipment gives you 24 hour access, 365 days-a-year to our contact centre team.
The cost is the same whether you pay monthly, half yearly or yearly. We do not charge APR or a premium for paying monthly.
The service is subject to VAT, which would be charged at the standard rate (currently 20%). However, individuals who are chronically sick or disabled can receive the service at zero rate VAT. If you believe that this would apply to you, complete and return the simple VAT Exemption form that we supply to each customer as part of the sign up pack.
Installing the unit is quick and easy with no mess and no fuss. It can be located virtually anywhere in your home.
This will include all information you provide when you sign-up to the service such as any existing health conditions, the name and contact details for your GP and details of your nominated key holders and next of kin.
The service can be cancelled with one month’s notice, during which the equipment must be returned to us. If you’d like to cancel your service please give us a call on 01323 644422.
All calls that you make via your pendant or your base unit come through to the contact centre and are charged at the standard national rate of your telephone provider. If you have a unit with a digital SIM card there are no call charges.
Yes. Existing private customers will receive a £20 M&S gift card for every new customer they recommend to the service and the new customer will also get a £20 M&S gift card.
By pressing the red button on the base unit or by pressing the red button on your pendant or wrist band.
When you press the red button, it places a telephone call through to our contact centre and alerts the team to provide assistance, even if we cannot hear you. When the operator accepts your call their computer will display your details including name, address, doctor, keyholder and next of kin information, as well as any relevant medical information. Our operator will talk to you via the loudspeaker and microphone in the base unit to establish what has happened and agree the best course of action. If appropriate they will stay on the line with you until help arrives. If the emergency service (police, fire or ambulance) are called, your next of kin will be informed unless you request otherwise. No call will be cancelled until the operator is sure the call has been dealt with appropriately.
Don’t worry, if we have received a call and do not get a response, we will telephone you back immediately. If you do not respond to that call, our operator will have all the information they need in order to send help and will ask one of your nominated key holders to visit you and check you are safe and well. If you have no local contacts the operator will call the emergency services. We will never cancel a call until our operator is sure it has been dealt with appropriately.
Yes. We can agree a range of mechanisms to facilitate communication with people with a hearing impairment.
Yes. Pendants can be used to answer incoming telephone calls remotely by pressing its red button while the base unit or connected telephone is ringing. When pressed, the base unit will answer the call and you can speak to and hear the caller handsfree via the home unit.
No. All sensors raise an alert at the contact centre first. Our operators will then assess the situation and contact the emergency services if appropriate.
The batteries in your smoke detector will last for approximately 5 years and if they start to run low we will be alerted at the contact centre. We will replace the batteries before they run out, in some instances this will be when we carry out our annual review visit to you.
Yes, a ‘Care Assist’ pager is ideal for people who prefer not to be connected to a 24 hour contact centre service. It is a portable telecare alarm that alerts the carer by vibrating, an audible alert and/or a visual display.
If you are moving home, we need you to tell us your new address, telephone numbers and any change to key holders so we can transfer your service to your new address. Please call 01323 644422 with details. When you move, simply unplug the system and then plug into the telephone point and electrical socket at your new home and make a test call. Alternatively in certain areas we can arrange for an engineer to visit you for £100 (+vat).
No. The pendant simply activates the base unit, and the microphone in the base unit will allow you to communicate with our contact centre.
You can if you wish although we generally recommend you place your pendant on your bedside table to avoid any discomfort or accidental activation. If you do choose to keep your pendant next to the bed when you’re sleeping remember to take it with you should you need to get up in the night.
The pendant is water-proof and can be worn in the shower but it is recommended that you take it off when you have a bath and keep in nearby.
If you find you’ve lost your pendant you can still call for help from the button on the base unit and a replacement can be supplied at an additional cost. If you find your original pendant within six weeks of ordering a replacement, just return the new one to us and we will refund the cost.
Don’t worry if you accidentally push your pendant, just let the team know when they answer your call through your base unit.
The battery in your pendant is designed to provide a typical operating life, in normal usage, of around 5 years. Your pendant is designed to identify when its battery is running down and raise an alert to notify us of this fact. These alerts are sent automatically and notify us that you have around 30 days of battery life remaining. We monitor these alerts and will contact you to arrange for free replacement of your pendant.
Yes you can, and this option is particularly useful if your partner or another family member living in the same property would benefit from the service. You can have two pendants linked to each base unit, enabling two people at the same address to be covered. There is an additional monthly charge of for each additional pendant.
The pendant does not interfere with a pacemaker because it operates on a separate frequency.
The pendant has a typical range of 50 metres from the base unit and should still be worn outside the house in the garden.
No. If you lose your pendant we can replace it (at a cost), if you find it within six weeks we will refund you the cost of replacement.
The battery in your pendant is designed to provide a typical operating life, in normal usage, of around 5 years. Your pendant is designed to identify when its battery is running down and raise an alert to notify us of this fact. These alerts are sent automatically and notify us that you have around 30 days’ of battery life remaining. We monitor these alerts and will contact you to arrange for free replacement of your pendant.
Yes. Your pendant is battery operated and your base unit has a built-in battery back-up so it will continue to work for up to 24 hours without mains power. If the power is disconnected the unit will beep and the lights on the alarm denote the problem with the unit.
Other household equipment should not interfere with the functionality of the unit and pendant. If you are in any doubt please call us on 01323 644422.
Not all telephony services are the same and a small number of services may prove unreliable with automatic diallers – whether they be security alarm or care alarm systems. We select our equipment to ensure that it is able to operate with the widest range of UK telephone service providers possible. As part of the sign-up process we will ask you to notify us of your telephone service provider. If you are considering changing your telephone service provider, please check with the future provider that they support alarm diallers and discuss this with us before signing a contract with your new telephone service provider.
No. You will be able to make and receive calls as normal.
Yes. Sky and Broadband are not affected as long as the unit has been connected correctly with a filter.
If your broadband or television has a filter it will be fine as they are used in conjunction with the telecare equipment. Filters are attached so that if the equipment or alarms are triggered they will still work even if the TV and broadband are being used.
Yes you can. We have units that work using a mobile phone network. Our self install service uses this model or you can call us for more details.
Your unit is designed to be in operation 24 hours-a-day. It needs to be switched on to provide you with the reassurance and protection of being able to place a call in the event of need, please do not turn it off.
Your unit may start beeping because either it has lost mains power or there is a disruption to the telephone line. To stop the beeping you should push the green button twice in quick succession. Please bear in mind that there may be a problem with your telephone line, and until this is resolved your lifeline may not be operational. The red light will continue flashing on the unit until either the telephone line, or the mains power is restored. If you are able to, contact us via the lifeline unit (if the telephone line isn’t at fault), or on 01323 644422 if you have an alternative telephone (e.g. mobile phone, neighbour’s phone), to register the fault.
A KeySafe is a small box that can be fitted to your property and is designed to securely store a spare set of house keys for use in the event of an emergency. KeySafes are secured with a unique combination code and could be fitted to a garage, a porch or another location out of clear view. If the emergency services need to access your property, our team can provide your personal keysafe code to those attending so they can access your home safely without delay or any damage being caused by forced entry.
We offer a range of KeySafes. The C500 KeySafe is the first and only key safe in the UK to have police approval. To provide added reassurance it also has a security rating making it as a strong as a domestic front door.
In order to change your KeySafe code, you will need to know the original code. Without the original code you will not be able to access your KeySafe to change your code. A detailed description of how to change the code can be viewed online here.
You should have at least 2 key holders who live within 20 minutes of your home. We recognise that there may be circumstances where your key holders are unable to attend promptly and we would recommend that you also consider having a key safe installed to facilitate timely access by the Ambulance service in the event of an emergency. Installing a key safe means that you do not have to provide copies of your keys to all key holders.
A key holder should be someone you trust to hold the keys to your home and should be able and willing to attend your home on a request from Welbeing. We will only make such a request in the event of our receiving an alarm call where we have been unable to speak with you or where you are asking for assistance. The circumstances in which you may need assistance and the attendance of a key holder can arise at any time of day. A key holder is normally a family member, friend or carer and should ideally live within 20 minutes of your home.
Keyholders are suggested so that we can contact them should you require assistance and they are able to gain access to your property. However, if you do not have a friend or relative living nearby then we recommend that you have a KeySafe installed.
Contact our call centre on 01323 644422 to let us know the details you wish to change.
The base unit and the other equipment designed to work with it (pendant, fall detector, smoke detector) are designed to be reliable in continuous use. However, if for any reason a fault should develop with the equipment, we will arrange to repair the fault or replace the equipment. Should you experience a fault with your equipment, please contact us, either through pressing your pendant or by calling 01323 644422. When you report a fault, we will take the details and will undertake remote diagnosis; this may require us to call you back at a mutually convenient time. Where a fault can be remotely rectified with your assistance and by following instructions from our staff, we will seek to resolve the fault in this manner. We classify faults as either critical or non-critical. A non-critical fault is one that does not prevent the equipment from successfully detecting and signalling an alarm condition to us. Where we are unable to remotely correct the fault, we will visit you to replace faulty equipment.
Depending on the make of the unit you have, it is either the ‘home/away’ option (Tunstall) or the function option (Careium). The home/away option works that when pressed it switches off all the peripheral sensors (e.g. bed/chair occupancy) and tells our contact centre that the user isn’t currently at home, but the pendant will still work. Users are welcome to ignore this functionality but it will save our staff from trying to contact customers should they be on holiday or in hospital. If used when the user returns home they should press the ‘home/away’ button again to show that they have returned.
Yes. Your pendant is battery operated and your base unit has a built-in battery back-up so it will continue to work for up to 24 hours without mains power.
Pendants can be set up to answer all incoming telephone calls remotely via the base unit but if you do not want this feature switched on, it can be easily turned off via the base unit.
It could be due to the electromagnetic field. The base unit may be too close to the base station of a telephone handset or another electrical item. Please check this before calling us.
No, the unit needs to remain in the same place as it was installed, please do not move it. Medication dispensers can be taken with you but please note if used out of the home they will not be able to alert the contact centre.
Unfortunately the occupancy sensors cannot be moved from the location it has been installed.
No. You cannot move the base unit once it has been installed.
We welcome feedback from our customers and would love to hear from you. Get in touch, details on our 'Contact Us' page or give us a call on 01323 644422.
The unit is simple to set up. We provide a step by step guide that shows you everything you need to know to self-install your personal alarm. Downloads of the self installation guides are available on our website.
If you are not satisfied with your purchase, you have 21 days to return the product with the original packaging and all contents. Refunds will be given for all service fees paid using the card details that were initially used to make the payment. No refund will be given for the set-up fee. We will process the refund within 5 working days, however the length of time it takes for the funds to appear in your account will depend on your payment provider. If you have any queries please contact our finance department at [email protected]
If you, or the person who you are purchasing the alarm service for, are disabled or chronically sick, then you do not have to pay VAT for this service. For the purposes of the VAT relief, you are chronically sick or disabled if: 1) you have a physical or mental impairment which has a long-term and substantial adverse effect upon your ability to carry out everyday activities 2) you have a condition that the medical profession treats as a chronic sickness, such as a heart problem, diabetes or arthritis 3) you have a terminal illness If you select “Yes I am VAT exempt” you will need to complete a short VAT relief form at a later date. Alternatively you can simply fill in and return the VAT relief form which we will include in your customer welcome pack.
Yes, we use industry standard SSL encryption to protect your details. Potentially sensitive information such as your name, address and card details are encoded so they can only be read on the secure server. This information is authenticated to ensure it only gets sent to this secure server and is checked to make sure it has not been tampered with during transfer. Security checks are also made on all transactions, to ensure the authenticity of each card payment.
We offer free delivery for all online orders throughout the United Kingdom. Delivery is normally within 2-3 business days.
If you place an online order after 4pm (Monday to Friday) it will be shipped the next business day.
We do not dispatch online orders on Saturday, Sunday or any public Bank Holidays. Orders will be shipped the next business day.
Our units come in two colours: white and graphite, both operate exactly the same. Unfortunately due to stock control, we cannot guarantee you will receive a particular colour.