Whistleblower routine

That we conduct our daily work with honesty, great personal integrity and respect for the integrity of others is crucial. Clear guidelines for employees and suppliers alike are provided in our Careium Business Ethics. It is the responsibility of each manager to ensure that their staff are familiar with these rules and comply with them.

Careium provides employees and external stakeholders a dedicated communication channel for reporting and bringing attention to anything that may violate laws, other requirements or the code of ethics (Careium Business Ethics). This gives us an opportunity to either prevent a potential wrongdoing or to correct any wrongdoing that may already have occurred. Employees (including hired labor) can report directly to the manager, to an employee organisation, or through this reporting channel, without any risk of reprisals.

If you prefer not to reveal your identity, you can use the anonymous reporting channel. This service is handled by an external party and the notifications are read by a person with statutory confidentiality. You can also choose to leave your contact information and ask for feedback on what you reported.

You reach the reporting channel at www.wbcareium.se