Telecare service for personal alarms

Help is at hand when you can’t be with our telecare services. Discover our range of telecare services to help your loved ones. Because we can manage the entire alarm chain, our telecare services are cost-effective, quality-assured and can be tailored to meet your individual needs. Our monitoring centres are amongst the UK’s leading. We support over 250,000 corporate and private customers.

What are telecare services?

Telecare services use personal alarms and other monitored devices, such as smoke alarms or fall detectors, to call the monitoring centre in an emergency. Telecare services offer remote support to elderly, disabled and vulnerable people who live in their own homes. If the user falls ill, becomes unwell, or needs reassurance, they simply press their pendant. Our monitoring centres will then ensure that the user receives the prompt treatment or assistance that they require.

Telephone check-in service

A friendly, professional telephone checking service that checks in to see if you are OK and can remind you of the important things you need to do.

The calls are made by our friendly team in our contact centre who are professionally trained to listen, have a chat, make sure you are OK and deal with any emergencies that may arise.

Telephone check-in service

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Compare personal alarms

Compare in-home and out-and-about personal alarms to see which is best for you and your loved ones.

Our personal alarms provide valuable support for a wide range of people of any age, including those who:

Monitoring services

We have over 30 years of experience providing personal alarm and telecare services to the elderly and vulnerable. Our monitoring centres are open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and our friendly and knowledgeable operators are specially trained and highly recommended by medical professionals.

Automated wellbeing calls

The benefits of automated calls are that they allow for limitless proactive capacity, allowing us to make many calls at the same time. It supports user independence as they can receive calls on the landline or mobile at a time suitable to them. 

Auto-prompt equipment tests can be carried out with residents. We can have bespoke scripts which are suitable for different types of calls, such as well-being, alarm tests, medication or weather issues. Automated calls mean staff absences will have no impact on our ability to keep vulnerable people up-to-date and supported.

Mobile response services

We provide an emergency mobile response service across the UK. Our response teams are fully trained to deal with sensitive and emergency situations. If a user presses their personal alarm and friends and family are not able to attend, our responders will come and assist, wherever possible, usually within 45 minutes of receiving your alert.

Our mobile response team will be easily identifiable as they will be wearing a uniform and also be carrying an identification badge.

Telecare assessments

Our telecare assessors are professionals who are involved in choosing the most suitable assistive technology for customers and/or their carers. They assess individuals and establish their requirements to allow service users to maintain independence. They work to ensure our services meet clients’ needs and promote positive outcomes, as well as have the experience to correctly assess the equipment that would best suit a client’s needs. They are compassionate and respectful in their approach and mindful of the fact that they are working with elderly and vulnerable people.

Urgent hospital discharge

When a patient no longer needs care in the hospital, delaying discharge can negatively impact their recovery and health outcomes while increasing their risk of hospital-acquired infection. 

Urgent Hospital Discharge is an opportunity to get the client home with assistive technology support, enabling a care plan to be introduced while safeguarding the client. 

When an order is placed for an Urgent Hospital Discharge, it takes priority over all other referred jobs to enable the contacts to be made with the client in the hospital, a keyholder or client contact and fulfil the order within the timescale KPI set by the contract. All the client contacts need to be pre-informed of the urgency and be willing to be at the client’s home site to allow the installation to occur in the KPI window.

Maintenance of hard-wired equipment

We work in partnership with Orestone Controls, an independent installation and maintenance company specialising in the analogue to digital transformation. They have partnered with some of the industry’s largest housing associations and leading manufacturers, delivering innovative solutions to improve the quality and opportunity of retirement, supported and independent living. They employ industry specialist field engineers in multiple locations with a combined experience of over 65 years and internal support staff delivering national installation and service contracts across two regional offices.

Telecare installations

Our large team of highly skilled, professional technicians install and maintain equipment in customers’ homes. Our technicians are enhanced DBS checked, drive branded vehicles and wear a uniform with ID for easy identification when they arrive. 

We pride ourselves on the friendly, helpful and compassionate nature of our team of technicians. During a professional installation, the technician will fit the equipment, test the system thoroughly and show the user how it all works. Detailed information on health conditions, GP and friends and family contacts can be recorded on-site and it will be held on our system so we know who to contact in an emergency.

Data visualisation

We offer digital reporting solutions for our customers through the use of interactive data visualisation platforms, making data more accessible and providing powerful insights. A key focus of this digital platform is using insights to drive a more proactive approach to care, using data to identify and highlight potential care needs for service users. Some examples of areas we deliver insight are: 

  • Vulnerable and at-risk service users
  • Service user demographics 
  • Careium performance
  • Alarm call volume analysis 
  • Emergency services monitoring 

Our data analyst is responsible for ensuring we are doing the most with our data by providing in-depth analytics & insights and providing modern solutions for this accessed and consumed.

Lone worker solutions

We can offer a host of lone-working devices and monitoring of the lone-working solutions is delivered via our platform UMO. 

UMO is a state-of-the-art calls monitoring platform provided by Enovation. The system enables us to ensure users and their equipment are monitored to the highest possible standards. The platform includes voice recording technology combined with our telephone system. Voice recordings will be held securely and processed in line with data protection law and relevant retention policies. We can securely provide you with electronic copies of calls within 48 hours of request. We will provide reporting information collected directly from the suppliers’ databases. With your involvement, we can design bespoke reports that fulfil your performance and reporting requirements.

Out-of-hours services

We offer a dedicated 24/7 service to keep your organisation responsive and supporting residents & customers outside of usual office hours, during times of crisis, or to assist with planned downtime. Our contact centre delivers friendly, professional, out-of-hours contact services to Local Authorities, Housing Associations, Registered Providers and Charities. We respond to an average of 200,000 calls every year. Our team is available 24/7 and is trained to resolve a diverse range of issues, from basic housing repairs to major civil emergencies. 

Working with over 65 County Councils and local authorities, we offer an out-of-hours repairs service that diverts to our fully trained personnel when their offices close, and 24 hours a day at weekends. We also answer calls for their residents for emergency repairs and any other emergency. We collaboratively follow your processes and agreed manual to triage, support with telephone assistance to fix, or deploy a contractor if needed.

Tailored reporting

A dedicated Client Relationship Team will work closely with you on reporting to ensure we deliver on all agreed activities. Our reporting templates ensure that we capture significant qualitative and quantitative feedback, enabling your teams to seamlessly action any follow-ups.

Out-of-hours emergency repair service

Calls are answered by compassionate, competent and efficient operatives. We will work with you to build tailored procedures to achieve ‘first fix’ resolutions – prompt call completion and incident resolution within a single call.

Daytime office cover (planned and emergency)

We provide both planned cover (e.g. staff conferences, away days, training sessions) and emergency business continuity cover (in the event of interruptions or failures to normal day-to-day systems and services). The daytime cover is delivered in line with the emergency repairs procedures and protocols, with all non-emergency calls referred back to the main at the next available opportunity.

Customer satisfaction surveys

We ensure customers have the opportunity to give you feedback at a time that best suits them. Our team can undertake daytime and evening telephone calls to capture satisfaction levels and identify where improvements can be made. 

Anti-social behaviour services

Customers can report incidents of anti-social behaviour (ASB), whilst our enhanced service ensures ongoing support to customers experiencing prolonged ASB. Our team records all details of reported issues, generating a unique report reference for the caller’s reassurance. If at any time the customer fears for their safety or that of another, our team of advisors will escalate the situation accordingly with the emergency services. We can also schedule regular support calls for your most vulnerable customers.

Reporting of homelessness

Our out-of-hours homelessness reporting service is for those who contact us as they have nowhere to live. We work with you to ensure your policies and procedures are adhered to when identifying the requirement to provide temporary accommodation. A number of bespoke questions will be raised to confirm the status of the caller; these feed into the triaging process and ensure that the service is delivered to those callers genuinely in need of temporary accommodation.

Social media monitoring

Social media is an essential part of your business marketing strategy. Social platforms help you connect with your customers and increase awareness about your brand. We can monitor your social media on your behalf and respond accordingly to urgent or emergency issues.

Decommissioning services

Are you considering changes to your telecare provision and unsure how best to protect your residents? Do you know the options you have for continuing to offer 24/7 support in your properties, whether your existing telecare is removed or you plan to downgrade your supported scheme to general needs properties? We can help with decommissioning your telecare services. 

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