In-home activity alarm

Discreet home activity monitoring alarm

Browse our discreet home activity monitoring alarm that alerts us if there is a change to your usual patterns of behaviour, and we will check if everything is okay. Our home activity monitoring alarm uses smart digital technology to learn your normal habits so you can stay independent and safe in your own home.

Activity alarm on kitchen top

Home monitoring alarm features:

  • No user interaction required
  • No internet or Wi-Fi needed for almost
    anywhere in the UK
  • No cameras or microphones to protect privacy
  • Replacement battery shipped for free when low
  • Easy to install and setup
  • Minimum 12-month contract
  • Free delivery throughout the UK
  • One-off setup cost of £49.99

£17.99 per month

£21.59 per month including VAT

Who is the home activity monitoring alarm for?

The home activity monitoring alarm service provides valuable support for a wide range of people, including those who:

  • are elderly and/or vulnerable
  • have a long-term medical condition
  • live alone and/or are at risk of falling
  • have dementia, epilepsy or heart disease
  • want to keep your loved one safe when
    you’re not around
Elderly lady cooking in kitchen

Easy to install and setup

The in-home activity alarm service is easy to set up and install. Our step-by-step guides can walk you through the entire process. If you run into any issues with the setup, our friendly staff will guide you through it on 0300 333 6511.

Download the in-home activity monitoring alarm user guide

Optional extra for your home activity monitoring alarm

Outdoor key safe for emergency access into the home – only £65 ex VAT

Even if your loved ones have dependable friends and neighbours nearby, installing a key safe is a wise precaution, ensuring that a spare key is always accessible outside the house. This way, in the event the door is locked and a loved one needs assistance, authorised individuals can gain entry without resorting to the risky practice of hiding keys under a doormat or in a plant pot. Also, it eliminates the security concerns associated with leaving the door unlocked or sharing spare keys.

The Supra C500 Key Safe, approved by the police, provides a straightforward solution for keeping your door keys readily available in case of an emergency. It is securely affixed to an external wall and can only be unlocked by inputting a unique code.

Find out more about the key safe

What does a home activity monitoring alarm do?

A home activity monitoring alarm is a device that is designed to monitor and detect specific activities or events within a home. This is used to increase safety and peace of mind for you and your loved ones in case anything happens. 

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How does a home activity monitoring alarm work?

Our discreet activity sensor alarm service uses smart digital technology to learn your normal habits. If there is a change to your usual patterns of behaviour or the temperature goes below 14 degrees or over 28 degrees for 12 hours, we will give you a call to check everything is okay.

Place sensor

Place in kitchen

Simply place the activity alarm somewhere discrete in your kitchen

Learns habits

Learns your habits

The activity alarm learns your normal activity patterns using a smart sensor.

Raises alarm

Raises an alarm

Detects any change in your habits and alerts our monitoring centre, which will check if you are okay.

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Unsure which alarm is right for you or your loved one? We have in-home personal alarms, outdoor personal alarms and home activity monitoring alarms. Compare all the alarms here. Or you call our friendly advisors on 0300 333 65111.

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