Senior Management Team

Experience, talent and a passion for delivering outstanding customer service, our senior team combines some of the best leadership and management skills from many industries.

Christian Walen

Christian Walen
Interim Head of UK

Christian has been CEO since 2023. He previously served as CEO of digital SaaS company Assessio Sweden, was senior manager at global consulting firm Accenture, CEO of healthcare and corporate care company PBM AB, and Head of B2B and global head of mental health at Kry/Livi.

Mathias Carlsson
Group CFO

Mathias has previous experience from assignments as Head of Financial Control at DORO AB. In addition, Mathias has been an authorised public accountant and partner at PwC. He has a Master of Science in Business and Economics from Växjö University.

Lauren Purser

Lauren Purser
Customer Operations Director

Lauren has been with us since 2007 & has 10 years’ experience leading large teams within our Alarm Receiving Centres. Lauren is passionate about working within high-pressured environments where the effective handling of high volumes of calls is critical, as well as providing excellent customer care & ensuring we are achieving KPIs.

Ben Park
Director of Operations – Field & Customer Services

Ben joined us in 2013. He is an experienced Quality, Compliance and Health & Safety Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the TECS and fire alarm industries. He is also a technical member of IOSH with a National General Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety from NEBOSH and Certificate in Business Management from the Open University.

Gary Clark
Technical Director

Gary joined in March 2022. His previous experience comes from within the industry, with a background in engineering, training and leading the development of a telecare digital solution. At his last company he was responsible for the install, service and maintenance departments dealing solely with telecare/TECS solutions.

Craig Shoebridge

Craig Shoebridge
IT Operations Manager

Craig has worked at Careium since 2007. He has extensive experience of the telecare industry, having worked in the sector for over 16 years. During his time with the company and throughout its acquisitions he has integrated numerous IT services, making it a priority that our systems have remained available and stable throughout, with no impact to the people we look after.

Maxine Potter
Head of Transformation

Maxine leads and oversees our strategic initiatives aimed at transforming the company to meet our long-term goals and adapt to changes in the environment. This includes strategic planning, change management, structural changes and cross functional collaboration. Maxine has a law degree and MICM qualifications.