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Discover personal alarm products and services for organisations and health professionals in care. Access efficient and cost-effective personal alarm products and services to ensure your patients and residents get the support they need.

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With over 30 years of experience working with housing providers, local authorities, and health trusts across the UK, the needs of your residents and patients are always met through the highest standards of service.

Why health professionals & health organisations work with us

  • Commitment to service — To help the everyday lives of individuals, we promise caring hearts and smart solutions. And we keep our promises.
  • Credentials to reassure — For your reassurance and trust, our impeccable track record and reliability are reflected in our TSA QSF accreditation, ISO 9001, 14001 & 27001 and in having over 30 years of experience.
  • Market leading — Access innovative digital personal alarm products and services. As a market leader in technology-enabled care across Europe, we currently support around 400,000 people.
  • High-quality products & services — Receive high-quality products & services, manage risk, and achieve efficiencies and added value so you can satisfy individuals and commissioning bodies alike.
  • Made specific to your needs — By working with the best manufacturers, we design and deliver products specific to you and your patient’s needs.
  • Excellent customer service — You and your clients receive an efficient, cost-effective, person-centred and innovative service thanks to our size and experience.

Digital social alarms for your residents & patients

Social alarms are an integral component of the secure network run by local authorities, housing associations and home care organisations. 

Digital social alarms have enormous potential for the future of social alarms and healthcare. It is designed to integrate with new digital infrastructures and offers patients reliability, efficiency and quality worldwide, giving them the freedom to live and enjoy their lives.

Developing innovative & reliable products

Discover reliable and innovative tools that are developed in close cooperation with customers. We ensure that our solutions match the needs of both organisations and residents. 

Our digital social alarms have been developed to replace traditional analogue social alarms by connecting to digital networks via either broadband or mobile networks. The digital alarms continuously monitor the connection, performing a regular heartbeat check on the user, and if there are any problems, information is sent to the monitoring platform in real-time. This online supervision ensures that the user is always able to generate an emergency call, and you can keep your residents safe.

Future-proof your organisation

Digital telecare systems are built to work with Next Generation Networks (NGNs) and digital monitoring centres. They use only digital information to transmit data end-to-end from the social alarm controller to a monitoring centre. 

Digital telecare is future-proofed, ready to adapt to the progression of technology and deliver future services. Your organisation can be at the forefront of this. Digital telecare is one element of Technology Enabled Care Services (TECS). TECS also have the capacity and flexibility to support digital health services such as advanced telecare, telehealth and connected care, which many see as the future of healthcare due to the increased ‘connectivity’ of the world.

Digital switchover 2025

Telecare is changing. 2025 will see BT turn off its ageing analogue network for good as the UK embraces a fully digital network. The transition is already well underway – as soon as 2024, BT will stop selling analogue lines.

Now’s the chance to embrace a more reliable, secure, and cost-efficient telecare solution. By doing so, we’re providing huge benefits to a rapidly growing population of older people in the UK.

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Digital transformation

Why work with us

Find out why we are the chosen telecare solutions partner of County Councils, NHS Trusts, sheltered housing providers, social services, care agencies, local authorities and voluntary organisations.

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Out-of-hours services

Discover our dedicated 24/7 service to keep your organisation responsive and supporting residents & customers, outside of usual office hours, during times of crisis or to assist with planned downtime.

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Housing providers

See how we work with local authorities and housing providers to deliver telecare solutions which provide peace of mind for residents and their families. We help management teams deliver efficient care and support.

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Social services

Find out how we work closely with healthcare and social care professionals to provide telecare and telehealth solutions that support their roles and enable their patients to lead safer and more independent lives.

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Supporting the vulnerable

Personal alarms that support the vulnerable

Our personal alarms can work with a range of unobtrusive wireless sensors placed around the home, which detect possible problems such as smoke, gas, flood or a person falling. Our personal alarms provide valuable support for:

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