Doro wins award for delivering service excellence during pandemic

Doro Care UK has been announced as winner of the Accelerator PCA Showcase Award 2020 in the Service Excellence During Crisis category.

The Accelerator PCA Showcase Awards celebrate organisations in any sector or industry for their remarkable efforts and innovation in customer service, employee wellbeing and leadership during the challenges of the 2020 pandemic. “These awards provide a unique opportunity to celebrate what has been achieved over the past year and to gain much-needed recognition and external validation,” said Joe Fredericks, PCA Founding Director and Chief Strategy Officer.

“This recognition stands as a testament to Doro’s resilience, adaptability and focus on excellence against the odds, both internally and externally, in these uncertain times”.

Wendy Darling, UK Country Director said “We have seen an unprecedented need for our services during the pandemic and our keyworkers have worked incredibly hard to adapt our services to keep the vulnerable safe during these very difficult times. We are incredibly proud to have won this award in recognition of the effort every one of our employees has put into ensuring our customers have the support they need”.

“We’re delighted to recognise Doro Care UK as an Accelerator PCA Showcase Awards 2020 winner in the Service Excellence During Crisis category,” said Henry Hopkins, Founding Director of Accelerator. “Doro’s entry was a convincing demonstration of innovation, collaboration and very responsive customer actions delivered in a super-quick timeframe, to address the urgent need to enable patients to be able to leave hospital. In summary, Doro really demonstrated their commitment to providing exceptional customer service and continuity in the context of the pandemic challenges.”

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