Careium launches unparalleled connectivity resilience with rSIM

Careium, the European innovation leader in technology-enabled care, is now enabling customers and users to rely on state-of-the-art technology for connectivity resilience – rSIM.

“This is an innovation milestone that we have been working on for years, as even short-term disruptions in connectivity uptime create significant service risks for our seniors across Europe. We are very pleased to offer our markets this innovative solution, launched in the latest stage of our recently renewed 15-year strategic partnership with CSL,” says Christian Walén CEO at Careium.

The rSIM is the world’s first truly resilient and intelligent SIM card, that monitors connectivity and actively switches profile for maximum uptime. It offers many benefits, including local roaming to all UK networks on both profiles. It uses new patented technology to check its own network connectivity and switch providers automatically when disruptions occur, minimising the chances of the SIM and the device becoming disconnected during outages. With two independent mobile operator profiles stored on the single SIM card, it significantly reduces the risk of outages by switching to a backup mobile operator profile if an outage is detected. This can be the crucial difference between ensuring immediate assistance and worsening conditions, such as in the event of a fall.

“Our users are more secure than ever, knowing that as the leader in quality and innovation, we together with our partner CSL, ensure the highest level of security for critical connectivity. rSIM is available for all our 4G products in the Eliza family, and thanks to Careium’s innovation, it is fully backward compatible with our existing devices in the field. This feature enables our current customers to upgrade seamlessly, enhancing their resilience and ensuring that the users they care for can live safe, rich, and active lives, aligned with our vision,” continues Christian Walén.

rSIM® is available in the UK from July and we will soon be hosting webinars on key insights into the rSIM technology with leading industry experts. Stay tuned for more details on dates and registration.

For enquiries on rSIM-equipped Careium devices or opportunities to strengthen resilience for existing installations, please contact the UK sales team: Wayne O´Donnell, Head of Product Sales, [email protected].