Doro provides COVID-19 track and trace service for housing association

Doro provides the monitoring for a not for profit, charitable housing association based in Kent with 6,500 homes, monitoring personal alarms for over thirty sheltered housing schemes including fire panels, door entries and communal areas. The client asked Doro to adapt its services to offer support and protection to their residents as well as implementing a track and trace COVID-19 response service.

At the start of the pandemic Doro completed welfare assessments for all of the housing association’s 1,600 sheltered housing residents. The contact centre asked clients about any support they needed, if they were shielding, if they needed food or medication delivery etc. These calls were completed in five days by our outbound call team. The results were passed back to the housing association so they could support their clients during the pandemic.

Doro also set up a COVID-19 door entry screening: our call handlers ask every visitor to the door if they have any coronavirus symptoms, get details of who they are and who they are visiting, as well as if they have appropriate PPE and remind them how to protect against infection by washing their hands and keeping 2 metres apart. These measures enable Doro to be able to track and trace everyone who has visited the site so that if a confirmed case of COVID has happened within a scheme or with a visitor of the scheme this information can be used to slow the spread of the disease by advising those people to stay at home.