Doro launches new digital social alarm

Health and social care are facing substantial changes in the form of a growing elderly population and shrinking resources, placing additional demands on the way in which we provide care and support for our older population. Further to this is by 2025 analogue telephone services will be switched off as the UK’s telecoms infrastructure is upgraded to digital connectivity. This shift has major implications for the technology enabled care sector and the 1.7 million people who rely on telecare in the UK.

Doro has launched its next generation social alarm, Doro Eliza, offering a safer and more secure everyday living environment for vulnerable adults. It is a unique, highly versatile smartcare hub elegantly designed to deliver the best possible security and reliability to users, alarm receiving centres and service providers alike. It raises the bar in Technology Enabled Care by taking full advantage of the capabilities afforded through today and tomorrow’s digital networks.

Doro is a leading supplier of technology enabled care and has been developing and offering social alarms for vulnerable adults  for over 30 years . Doro currently has over 350,000 users connected to its alarm centres in Sweden, Norway and the UK.

“Feeling secure in your own home shouldn’t be a luxury – it should be a given. Technology has so much to offer in this respect and we see our role as constantly developing and exploring  the opportunities technology offers in order to increase the security of both seniors and their relatives,” says Carl-Johan Zetterberg, CEO of Doro.

Doro is now launching the next generation social alarm, Doro Eliza, which acts as a smart hub in the home. Doro Eliza is based on the latest 4G technology, but also connects to other digital IP networks. It’s easy to install and supports HD audio to ensure good sound quality. The alarm can also be integrated with other services, such as smoke detectors, fall sensors, security cameras, and pill dispensers.

“Doro Eliza is a smart hub for technology enabled care with a clear focus on the social alarm element. Eliza will continue to be developed, adding new functions and enabling integration with future technologies. Our extensive experience of developing social alarms means we know what is required and what our users want. Security and safety are our priority at all times, making Doro Eliza an extremely reliable solution,” says Carl-Johan Zetterberg.

Telecare  services are procured by local authorities and housing associations who provide  personal  alarms and peripherals for their local residents. Doro Eliza is a future-proof product that will be continuously developed to incorporate new services and functionalities. More information can be found here.