Careium launches partnership with proactive virtual care service Ethelcare

Careium has teamed up with Ethelcare to offer its customers, in a time of increasing pressures, a way to deliver more effective care services at a fraction of the cost, via virtual care direct to people in their own homes.

Many care professionals currently deliver reablement, wellbeing and medication services and care packages via direct face to face contact. However, providing ongoing clinical care outside the hospital is often challenging. Ethel enables a virtual or blended model to support remote care and support, hospital discharge, medication management and reduced social isolation.

There are many benefits of this hybrid care model including greater independence to the service user, relieving capacity constraints and freeing up time for professionals to focus on the tasks and people that need physical care, with the potential to reduce costs. Ethel is also able to compliment traditional telecare, that is primarily focused on alerting monitoring centres to immediate emergencies, by offering proactive care that can detect early deterioration and help reduce readmissions. Ethel’s virtual connection is able to foster genuine engagement between care providers and clients. Such an approach not only bolsters the sense of independence among individuals but also provides professionals with richer context and understanding of users physical and mental wellbeing. As such, Ethel is about delivering holistic, compassionate and connected care in the telecare industry.

Ethelcare screen

At the heart of the Ethel solution is a large ‘always on’ touch screen device that is specifically designed for the elderly and has a range of features to support independent living including video calling, vital signs monitoring, automated alerts and medication reminders. The care circle can be expanded to include family and friends so they can monitor and see any interaction and also utilise the platform to make calls, receive messages, view notes etc.

Gary Clark, Technical Director, Careium said “As we know, the TEC industry is increasingly affected by winter pressures, budget constraints and a need to deliver care to clients who need it most. Our customers are often asking themselves how they can reduce hospital admissions, then ensure that the recovery of those discharged can be tracked and how to tailor care plans for individual needs. At Careium we believe Ethelcare can be instrumental in enabling professionals to offer enhanced levels of care and maximise resources, so we are delighted to add it to our proactive portfolio”.

Deepak Samson, CEO at Ethelcare added “We are thrilled to embark on this transformative journey with Careium. At Ethelcare, our mission has always been to pioneer a future where care is not just reactive, but proactive, blending the best of technology with the compassion and connection that defines person centred care. This collaboration reinforces our belief that together, we can shape a more resilient, inclusive, and efficient care model that moves the industry beyond traditional care models, emphasising the importance of early detection, reduced hospital readmissions, and empowers vulnerable individuals to live their lives with confidence and dignity.”

Contact us to see how Ethelcare can become part of the way your organisation changes its model of care delivery, including pilots and free trials.