Helping individuals with disabilities to stay independent

​How telecare can give independence with those living with disability. The volunteer led Disabilities Awareness Day exhibition and the cause is something very close to our hearts at Careium. Taking place in the grounds of Walton Hall Garden in Warrington, the event aims to promote independence and a can do culture for disabled people, both in the workplace and in day to day life.

The day will see exhibitors join forces to show what disabled men, women and children can do in relation to sports, arts and work, as well as provide crucial information on what support services and equipment are available to enhance quality of life for people within the disabled community. At Careium, we know only too well how life changing valuable support mechanisms can be for vulnerable people and people with disabilities. Everyone, no matter what their capabilities or lifestyle, should be able to live an independent and fulfilling life, and providing the tools to do so to those who may need vital support is crucial.

Careium has helped many clients over the years to live independent and active lifestyles. One of our customers Mary has Parkinson’s disease. She had always lived an active lifestyle and wanted to continue to get out into the community despite her diagnosis. She came to Careium to provide a solution and received a GT300 mobile phone with GPS that gives her piece of mind when venturing out on her own. The phone stores the contact details of those closest to Mary, and also has an inbuilt automatic fall detector that senses when Mary has had a fall and subsequently alerts our GPS monitoring system to her location.

Another example is Mr and Mrs W, whose complex needs of Alzheimer’s (Mrs W) and early onset dementia (Mr W) meant that one had to care for the other most of the time. As a carer Mr W did not often get the opportunity to leave the house or have the chance to enjoy taking their dog for a walk. To help the couple live more comfortably whilst remaining independent, they tasked Careium with fitting a smoke alarm, a wrist strap falls detector, a connect and lifeline unit and a universal sensor, along with a number of other life changing equipment items. Our solutions have enabled Mr W to leave the house knowing that the sensors will activate and alert Careium should anything happen to his wife in his absence.

Careium is committed to supporting independent living and we are continually looking for ways to improve and develop our offering, as well as supporting the pioneering work of others in the community. We were extremely pleased when Marie Baker was awarded the Community Hero award for her work creating practical solutions for those suffering with epilepsy.

Telecare can really help people living with disabilities and debilitating conditions to have as good a standard of living as possible. Here is one of our suggested telecare solution packages for people living with mobility issues and disabilities:

  • Movement sensor to monitor daytime falls
  • Bed or chair occupancy sensor to monitor night falls
  • Fall detector for general mobility issues
  • Telehealth system for serious health issues
  • Lifestyle monitoring system for those who struggle to move around safely
  • GT300 mobile phone with GPS for trips out

If you’d like to find out more about any of our tailored packages or get help and advice on which products may best suit your needs, please call our expert team on 0300 333 6511.