Integration of Eliza into ARC platforms

Careium is delighted to announce that its digital 4G alarm hub, Eliza, is now fully integrated into the alarm receiving centres of the leading telecare platform suppliers, in a move towards greater interoperable digital protocols within our industry.

Eliza 4G digital hub is now able to successfully communicate using digital alarm protocols to Appello CareNet, Chubb Saturn, Enovation UMO and Jontek Answerlink (part of Legrand Assisted Living & Healthcare). Tunstall is currently supporting Careium with the integration into its PNC platform.

Richard Hosier, Careium’s Head of Digital Technology, said “We would really like to thank all of these organisations for their time, support and the open and co-operative manner in which they assisted with this integration and the use of interoperable digital protocols. This close working together and use of interoperable protocols is a great move for the industry and offers significant benefits to commissioners, service providers and users of TEC services”.

Eliza is a unique, highly versatile smartcare hub elegantly designed to deliver the best possible security and reliability to users, alarm receiving centres and service providers alike. It raises the bar in Technology Enabled Care by taking full advantage of the capabilities afforded through today and tomorrow’s digital networks. And its thoughtful, contemporary design, with aesthetics rivalling those of fashionable consumer devices found in virtually every home today, make it both easier to place and easier to embrace.

If you would like more information about Eliza please email [email protected] or visit Doro’s website.