Mobile social alarms provide freedom for elderly people

By 2025 it is estimated that there will be over 1 million people living with dementia in UK. This condition can create major and painful turmoil in both those affected and their loved ones. 

Life is rarely the same once someone has been diagnosed with dementia. Many cognitive functions such as orientation capacity, memory and judgement are affected. This is a contributory factor to why many people with advanced dementia can get lost and are reported missing.

Every year, the police are involved in search operations for people with dementia who have gone missing or are in a state of confusion or distress.

This may sound gloomy, but there is help in the form of the Herbert Protocol and solutions that could assist with disappearances and facilitate the search process. Mobile social alarms such as Careium 480 and Careium 450 pave the way for people to be able to lead an independent and active life for longer. The alarm also increases the chances of being found quickly if the wearer gets lost.

Download our publication about mobile social alarms and how they can provide freedom and safety for older people.