Parkinsons Awareness Week

One in every 500 people has Parkinson’s disease and that equates to about 127,000 people living here in the UK. Parkinson’s is a progressive neurological condition that can strike at any time, despite perceptions it only affects the elderly.

The loss of nerve cells in the brain causes the symptoms of Parkinson’s to appear and everyone’s symptoms are different.

April 10th to 16th marks Parkinson’s Awareness Week. You can help this Awareness Week by ordering a supporter pack with everything you need to create an awareness stand or hold a fundraising activity and support the campaign. It has information on research, the campaign and resources such as posters, stickers and more.

As Parkinson’s progresses, an increased amount of care and support may be required, although many people maintain a good quality of life with limited care or treatment. One of the most famous people living with Parkinson’s is Hollywood actor Michael J Fox, who recently won plaudits for gracing the Oscar’s red carpet despite living with the condition.

But just because you, or someone you help care for, has Parkinson’s doesn’t mean that you can’t continue with an active lifestyle.

For example, Careium were able to help one of its clients called Mary, a 50-year-old who wanted to live a normal life despite her diagnosis. However, she was also aware that her Parkinson’s disease could make her more likely to suffer falls when she’s out and about.


She was keen to explore how assistive technology might help her to retain her independence, so a telecare assessment was arranged at which the benefits of personal locator devices was discussed. Mary chose to have a GT300 mobile phone with GPS and this was subsequently installed.

Mary was left feeling more confident; and was able to make and receive calls, along with having greater confidence thanks to an automatic fall detector and an SOS button.

Should an alert ever be raised by the phone (automatic fall detector) or Mary ever need help or medical assistance, Careium can ascertain her exact location and direct the emergency services straight to her.

Strategies for living with Parkinson’s include:

  • Managing your nutrition and medication
  • Keeping active
  • Connect with other people with Parkinson’s
  • Making living well at home a priority

For more information on how to adapt your life, choose Careium and benefit from:

  • Specially trained, friendly team who can provide the assistance you need, whenever you need it. There for you 24 hours a day, 365 days-a-year at the press of a button.
  • Priced from only £20 a month.
  • Accredited to the highest industry level: Telecare Services Association Platinum.

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