Senior Citizen’s Day – The best things about older age

Many of us complain about getting older and the ailments that can come with aging, but this Senior Citizen’s Day the team at Careium are discussing all of the best things about older age.

Senior Citizen’s Day takes place on August 21st each year and aims to celebrate the contribution older members of society have played and continue to play in our communities. Here, we share our thoughts on why aging can be great!

More time for yourself

Often our younger years are spent trying to carve out a successful career or raising a family, so one of the benefits of getting older is that we often have more time for ourselves, especially after retirement. Make use of spare time by taking up a hobby you’ve always been interested in, or consider a pet for companionship and enjoyment. Lifeline support can help to enable you to make the most of having more free time if you are anxious about leaving your home unaccompanied.

Wisdom and perspective

Another of the best things about older age is that you’re likely to have lived through a number of challenging situations and have a strong sense of perspective. It may be something you unknowingly take for granted, but can help you in a number of situations, especially when others are seeking advice or decision making support.

Enjoyment of family and friends with less responsibility

While some grandparents may still share the duty of childcare for grandchildren, not having to care for them day in, day out means you can still enjoy spending time with family but also have valuable time to yourself. Many older people with grown up children will find they have more financial freedom too as their offspring have grown up and have careers of their own.

Immunity to some illnesses

Despite the general consensus that our health declines as we age, research has actually shown that the body has greater immunity in older age to some illnesses and allergies thanks to a ‘wiser’ immune system.

OAP discounts

As well as a free bus pass for those in the UK who are of state pension age, pensioners in the country are also eligible for a number of discounts which can come in handy with all aspects of your life including ways to fill your spare time.  Rail companies also offer discounts for older people, meaning travelling and seeing sights you’ve always wanted to see is more accessible than you may have thought.

Resolving conflict and caring less about the small stuff

You’ll probably find as you age, you care a lot less about what people think of you and live your life how you want to live it, rather than how people perceive you should live it. This can be one of the best things about older age, as you may also notice you’re better at resolving conflicts than you might have been during your younger years due to a heightened sense of perspective and previous experience handling difficult situations.

The opportunity to do something you’ve always wanted to do

We’ve all been there – you have a bucket list of things you want to do and promise yourself this year will be the year, but there’s no better time to tick off some of the things you’ve always wanted to do than post retirement! Whether work or family commitments were previously holding you back, new found freedom in older age can help you realise dreams when you may have thought the opportunity had passed.

To find out more about how lifeline support can help with remaining independent and enjoying older age, please contact us here.