Out of hours services

24/7 support during your out-of-hours

Keep your organisation responsive, even during your closed hours, with our dedicated 24/7 service to support your residents and customers during times of crisis or to assist with planned downtime. Our services are tailored to your procedures, policies and requirements so your team can easily follow up on any actions.

How we can provide help round the clock

By integrating your service with ours, we can create a system where your residents can get the assistance they need whatever the hour, all day, every day. Here’s how it works:

Out of hours service integration

Keep your operations running smoothly and efficiently

Daytime office cover (planned and emergency)

We provide both planned cover e.g. staff conferences, away days, training sessions, as well as emergency business continuity cover in the event of interruptions or failures to normal day-to-day systems and services. Daytime cover is delivered in line with the emergency repairs procedures and protocols, with all non-emergency calls referred back to the main contact at the next available opportunity.

Tailored reporting

A dedicated Operations Manager will work closely with you on reporting and ensure all activity is delivered. Our reporting templates guarantee that we capture significant feedback that is both qualitative and quantitative, enabling your teams to seamlessly action any follow-ups.

Out-of-hours emergency repair

Calls are answered by compassionate, consistent and efficient operatives. We work with you to build tailored procedures, with an aim to achieve ‘first fix’ resolutions – prompt call completion and incident resolution within a single call.

Safeguarding your customers

Residents can report anti-social behaviour to protect their safety

Patients and residents can report incidents of anti-social behaviour (ASB), whilst our enhanced service ensures ongoing support to those experiencing prolonged ASB. Our team record all details of reported issues, generating a unique report reference for the caller’s reassurance.

If at any time your customer fears for their safety, or that of another, our team of advisors will escalate the situation accordingly with the emergency services. We can also schedule regular support calls for your most vulnerable clients.

Homelessness reporting

Our out-of-hours homelessness reporting service is for those who contact us because they have nowhere to live. We work with you to ensure your policies and procedures are adhered to when identifying the requirement to provide temporary accommodation. 

A number of bespoke questions will be raised to confirm the status of the caller; these feed into the triaging process and ensure that the service is delivered to those callers genuinely in need of temporary accommodation.

Connect with & understand your customer

Customer satisfaction surveys

We ensure your customers have the opportunity to give you feedback at a time that best suits them. Our team can undertake daytime and evening telephone calls to capture satisfaction levels and identify where improvements can be made. 

We support councils to deliver their service outside of their normal hours. Working to agreed procedures, we answer the residents’ calls and provide them with support on a range of incidents such as flooding, reporting of dangerous structures or as part of a council’s business continuity. We record all details and actions for staff to view the next working day.

Partner with an experienced and trusted provider

For over 30 years, our contact centre has been delivering friendly, professional out-of-hours contact services to Local Authorities, Housing Associations, Registered Providers and Charities. We respond to an average of 200,000 calls every year. Our team is available 24/7 and is trained to resolve a diverse range of issues, from basic housing repairs to major civil emergencies.

Want to start a conversation with us?

Got a question? Want to schedule a meeting? If you have any feedback or want to discover how we can deliver a tailor-made service suited to your organisation, then please get in touch with our friendly team.

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