Careium’s second visit to Openreach’s test lab

Careium’s digital team made their second visit to Openreach’s test centre this week. The lab provides an environment which emulates some of the conditions found when an analogue line migrates to a digital line. This enables vendors of hardware used on the UK telephony network maintained by Openreach, to test their products in an environment which emulates new digital services.

Gary Clark, Head of Technical, and Simon Clark, TEC Support Engineer, were able to test a range of analogue products that Careium currently has in the homes of many of its service customers. They made over 500 test calls, over the next-generation networks (NGN), using six of the top communication providers routing equipment. They will continue to work hard with our industry partners so that we can ensure our customers have up-to-date and conclusive information regarding the reliability of products over the new networks.

Simon and Gary Openreach

Simon Clark recently joined our support team as TEC Support Engineer. He brings with him 20+ years’ experience within telecare. His previous roles include field engineering, technical support and field supervisory roles and has a wealth of knowledge on Tunstall and Tynetec social alarm products. Simon will be an important part of the team as we move forward toward the analogue to digital transition date and supporting the challenges that this change will bring.

Simon joins us from Orestone Controls where he has spent the last year managing the engineering team, installations and providing technical support to engineers and clients.

Careium will make its third and final visit in the autumn and we will produce a comprehensive and conclusive report of our findings.

If you would like to discuss the outcome of our testing or how we can assist you in your transformation journey then please do not hesitate to get in touch [email protected]. See more on Preparing for a Digital Future.