Integration with leading environmental detection provider AICO

Careium has undertaken a program to successfully integrate alarms by European market leader AICO with its own social and mobile alarms.

AICO is renowned as a manufacturer of high-quality smoke and carbon monoxide alarms and supplies many social housing providers, local authorities and private builders and is accredited to the relevant British or European standard.

Thanks to Careium’s technical team its alarms now have both wired and radio wireless capability for interconnection with a range of AICO devices. Using the AICO EI428 relay base or the AICO EI128RBU relay base, these devices can now to connect to Careium’s range of digital alarms such as the Care IP Mobile, Eliza and Eliza S.

In 2019 there was an update to the domestic fire detection and alarm system standard, which outlines the code of practice for the design, installation, commissioning and maintenance of fire detection and fire alarm systems in domestic properties.

One of the recommendations was specific guidance around supported and sheltered housing. There were also key revisions to the grading and category of system and updates about the environments where these grades and categories should be used.

The standards suggest that in existing sheltered and supported housing that a medium grade system is required. The diagram below shows the locations of alarms for this:

LD2 medium protection

The grading also details the type of detector required to be used within the property. The standard also states that if there is any upgrade to smoke detection, electrical wiring or systems within the dwelling, that the system should be designed to the specifications for high protection.


Hardwired equipment
Radio equipment

Both options can be easily installed by a housing provider’s chosen electrical contractor and can be programmed by either the housing provider or Careium’s technical support team. This can help to overcome any issues surrounding non-active or outdated detectors mounted on ceilings.

Careium offers a market leading range of digital social alarms for the vulnerable and elderly, many installed within supported and sheltered housing. Its interlinked i10 range of environmental detection sensors: smoke, heat and Co2 alarms, have 10-year battery life and wireless interconnect functionality, providing complete reassurance throughout the home. In addition to this Careium also has flood and extreme temperature sensors to provide early warning signs of danger.

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