What Are Personal Alarms & How Do They Work?

How does a personal alarm work?

If you’re new to a personal alarm you may be wondering just how do personal alarms work. Well, we’re here to demystify the subject so you can determine if purchasing one is the right step for you to take. 

Who needs a personal alarm?

In the process of understanding how personal alarms work you will see that they’re not just for the elderly. Personal alarms can be used for anyone who may need an additional layer of support – for example, a vulnerable person living on their own or someone with a health condition. But of course, they also provide peace of mind for older people who would like to know help is always close to hand should they need it urgently, whilst still living independently at home.

How does a personal alarm work?

A personal alarm is designed to provide assistance at the press of a button. The user simply needs to press a button on the personal alarm pendant – which can be worn at home and in the garden while out of the house – or on the base unit in their home if they feel unwell, have a fall, feel in distress or need some assistance. 

The base unit enables two-way communication, with our contact centre immediately responding to your alert. They will determine the nature of the help needed and either contact your nominated key holder to provide help if it is not immediately urgent, or call the emergency services if necessary. 

If the contact centre is not able to speak to you on the base unit, they will try to contact you on the phone. If they still can’t get in touch they will summon help. Rest assured, no call is abandoned until we are completely confident that it has been dealt with appropriately. Read more about the process of summoning help and the staff who will handle your call.

How do personal alarms for the elderly work?

Personal alarms can be particularly beneficial for anyone who is elderly but still wishes to remain living independently within their own home. Friends and family can be confident that help is only ever a button press away. Wearable pendants and personal alarms installed in the home allow elderly users to carry on about their day, with confidence. Should help be required, they only need to alert our contact centre for immediate assistance. 

In addition, you may like to consider a home activity monitoring alarm to complement your personal alarm for an elderly relative. These discrete sensors (no camera or microphone) use smart digital technology to learn daily routines and habits. Should it detect any change in habits, or if it finds the temperature drops below 14 degrees or above 28 degrees for 12 hours or more, we will call the user to confirm everything is okay.  

What happens if I do need help?

The contact centre will have access to your full details, including medical history, GP details, contact details for nominated key holders and your next of kin. Using this information and the details they gather from speaking with you when you press an alarm, they will be able to make a knowledgeable decision on the best course of action. Specialist, trained staff will always err on the side of caution, putting your health and welfare first. If the emergency services are called we will also contact your next of kin. We then check in with you every 30 mins, to see if you are OK until the ambulance has arrived, or if your condition has worsened we will update the emergency services.

When should I summon help?

Personal alarm services operate around the clock, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days of the year, so you can summon help at any time. The service can be used in the event of a fall or accident, if you feel unwell and need help, are in distress, or need to summon help. In the first instance we will call you, and discuss with you the next steps to take. Please be assured our goal is to safeguard your health, so you must never feel that you’re wasting someone’s time if you do use your personal alarm. Once you take the service you can use it when you need to, allowing us to check that you’re OK in the event of any concerns you may have. 

Speak to us for more information

If you’re not sure a personal alarm is right for you, please call our team on 0300 333 6511 who can discuss your individual needs with you to determine if our service would be beneficial.