Which personal alarm is right for you or your loved one?

Both our in-home personal alarm and out-and-about personal alarm services are easy to install and use a digital SIM which means no landline is required and there are no call charges. We offer free delivery throughout the UK.

In-home personal alarm

CareIP and pendant
  • Lightweight pendant worn around neck/wrist
  • Discreet and can be worn all the time
  • For use in the home and garden
  • Unobtrusive and doesn’t require charging
  • Talk with us through the base unit

£20 per month

(£24 per month including VAT)

The in-home personal alarm is a quick and simple way of getting help at the press of a button if you have an accident or emergency in your home. Simply press the pendant when you need help. The pendant does not require charging and is ideal if you want a unobstrusive device that means you can raise the alarm at the touch of a button from anywhere in your home or garden.

Out-and-about personal alarm

Careium 450 GPS pendant
  • GPS pendant with geo-location tracking
  • Automatic fall detector
  • For use in the home and when out and about
  • Requires charing via charge cradle
  • Talk with us through the pendant

£25 per month

(£30 per month including VAT)

The out-and-about personal alarm is a GPS pendant with location tracking and a built-in speakerphone. It is a portable device that is easy to carry in the pocket or worn around the neck. It is battery operated and needs charging in the charge cradle. It would suit someone who is often out and about and wants that extra reassurance whether they are out for a walk, visiting friends or shopping.

How does our personal alarm service work?

Our personal alarm service helps individuals to live more independently and have an improved quality of life. A discrete pendant means you can raise an alarm at the touch of a button from anywhere in your home or out-and-about, 24-hours a day, 365 days a year.

Button press

Press the button

Simply press the button on your pendant or base unit if you are in distress, have a fall, feel unwell or need assistance.

Speech bubble

Speak to our staff

Our staff will speak to you via the base unit or pendant. If they cannot get in touch they will summon help.


Help is on the way

Help will arrive from a nominated key holder (relative, friend or neighbour) or, if necessary, the emergency services.