What Is The Best Personal Alarm For The Elderly?

When determining which is the best personal alarm for elderly loved ones you should be guided by their individual needs and preferences.

Elderly lady wearing alarm

For example, do they leave the home independently? Do they have a health condition which means GPS tracking could be useful? Are they prone to falls? Do they need support in maintaining daily routines? There are different types of personal alarms and complementary services available, which can be matched to your elderly relative or friend’s need to ensure they are suitably covered. 

If you’re looking to understand what is the best personal alarm for elderly parents, for example, you may like to think about wearable pendants. You can have two separate pendants connected to a single base unit – with just a small additional fee of 99p for the second pendant. This solution will enable a couple to both have a pendant that will work independently of each other, allowing each user to summon help quickly when it’s needed. 

Being elderly shouldn’t hinder your loved ones’ enjoyment of life and our out-and-about personal alarm is designed with freedom in mind. It includes GPS location tracking so it’s possible to know where they are, should help be required. It’s ideal for people who like to get out and about, visiting friends, going for walks or doing their own shopping. It can be worn around the neck or in a pocket and has a built-in speakerphone so our contact centre can be in contact when needed. It is battery operated and does require regular charging but we also provide the charging cradle needed. 

An in-house personal alarm is ideal for those elderly users who wish to remain living independently but want to know help can be quickly and easily summoned. We will provide a base unit and a pendant which can be used within your home and garden. Our in-home personal alarm service will enable them to call for help at the touch of a button, and be in contact with our content centre via the base unit. Knowing that help is at hand if required, will support them to live more independently and enhance their quality of life too. Plus it’s peace of mind for you that someone is always there should they become unwell, need help or be distressed. Read more about our in-home personal alarm

Alongside our personal alarms you can also add a number of other solutions, designed to protect vulnerable and elderly people, who wish to remain in their homes. We would always recommend the installation of a key safe, alongside our personal alarm service. Although we hold contact details for nominated key holders there may be times when they can’t reach users quick enough. Using a keysafe will give emergency services prompt access when it matters. The police-approved Supra C500 Key Safe will ensure there is always an accessible key outside the home – removing the danger of leaving a key under a mat, or the door unlocked. 

We also offer a home activity monitoring alarm that can help detect if something is wrong in the home. This discrete sensor works by building up a pattern of daily routines and habits so it can determine when these change, indicating a possible problem. The smart digital technology will alert our monitoring centre if it identifies any potential issues, who will then contact you to determine you are okay.

If you’re unsure what is the best personal alarm for elderly relatives or friends please speak to our helpful team to discuss their needs. We will be able to advise on the best product for them which will match their lifestyle and level of independence while safeguarding their health and wellbeing.