Why a key safe could help save your life

People often asked us why they should get a key safe when they sign up to our personal alarm service. A key safe is a secure metal box attached to an exterior wall of your property. On the front is a panel used for entering a code that can only be opened by someone who knows the code and a spare key is stored inside. Careium will hold that code on your behalf and pass it on to the emergency services who will be able to get into your property quickly and without forced entry.

Key safes can prevent forced entry and save your life as well as hundreds of pounds

If the emergency services need to gain access to your property and you can’t get to the door, they could break down the door if they believe there is a risk to the patient. They are unlikely to pay for any damage if they had justifiable reason to force entry into your premises, we know as people often ask us about this. If you have a key safe we will pass the code to the emergency services who can gain access to your property quickly without forced entry.

Key safes allow access to friends, relatives, care workers and emergency services whilst still ensuring security

If you are unable to get to the door for any reason or are away, having a key safe means that people who still need to get into your house can do so, easily and conveniently. You might have a prescription delivered and the chemist would be able to drop it off to you or a carer could let themselves in, without you having to answer the door.

Key safes can be as secure as a front door

People sometimes worry about how secure a key safe is. There are a wide range of key safes available but we recommend a C500 Police Approved key safe which are built in an ISO accredited factory, and quality checked multiple times before reaching you and have achieved Police Preferred Specification from Secured By Design.

Key safes are much safer than leaving in a ‘safe’ place

29% of people leave keys hidden outside their home, with 11% of the population admitting that they have lost keys and not changed the locks. Keysafes are a discreet means of externally storing a spare key to a property and a preferred solution compared to handing out spare keys or leaving a key unsecure and exposed under the mat, plant pot, rock or garden ornament.

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