Fall detector

The Vibby fall detector is the first automatic wrist and neck-worn fall sensor on the market. A fall sensor will help you remain independent and safe at home, knowing that it will automatically detect a fall should one happen and alert Careium’s 24-hour contact centre.

Accidental falls and the increasing frequency of falls are one of the most common causes of hospital visits for older people. Every year, more than one in three (3.4 million) people over 65 suffer a fall that can cause serious injury and even death. Every minute, six people over 65 suffer a fall. In addition to the pain and suffering caused by a fall, the time before help arrives is a crucial factor in the individual’s rehabilitation.

Fall detector features

The Vibby fall detector can be worn on the wrist like a watch or as a pendant around the neck. It’s recommended the user wears it 24 hours a day, even during the shower or at night during sleep, which are the times when the highest level of falls occur. 

  • Automatic fall detection
  • Back up manual push-button alarm
  • Reduces false alarms
  • Stylish design
  • Alarm cancellation with sensor
  • Auto alarm cancellation
  • Low battery replacement notification
  • Battery life approx 2 years
Vibby fall detector

The fall detector automatically detects a heavy fall* and places an alert with Careium’s contact centre. This can considerably reduce the response time of getting help to the user, one hour without help and assistance may cause medical complications.

Almost half of all falls occur in the bathroom and a significant portion occurs at night. However, it may not detect all falls from a lying position in bed or from sitting on a chair to the floor.

*IMPORTANT: Some falls (soft falls, controlled descent against a wall or chair) can not be detected by the fall detector. Based on fall detection technologies, the solution does not allow analysis and interpretation of all fall situations. By manually pressing the push button, the wearer can raise an alarm at any time he feels the need.

Download the fall detector technical guide

Proactive telephone checking service

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