Benefits of wellbeing check calls

With fewer families now living in multi-generational homes or nearby, it means that older people are more likely to be living at home on their own. So, services such as wellbeing phone calls can help deliver peace of mind to friends and family that their loved ones are safe while also providing regular checks for those living on their own.

old lady on telephone

Telephone check-up services play a vital role in ensuring that people can live safely at home. Not only can it provide a useful prompt for the end user – such as to take a medication – but it can also ensure that should there be a situation where help is needed, it can be quickly summoned. It’s also a valuable tool for anyone who has recently been discharged from the hospital to help them establish a new routine with any medication they need to take.

How does a well-being call work?

There are usually two forms of wellbeing phone calls: automated or manual. A regular time slot will be established for each client so they know when to expect a call. This also gives the opportunity to structure the calls around a medication schedule.

For automated calls, the user will receive a phone call on either their landline or their mobile phone at the advised time. They’ll be asked if they are okay today or given a reminder to take their medicine. The user simply presses a button on the keypad to respond.

This type of automated call may not be suitable for all users, for example, those with sensory issues or dementia. In these cases, a manual wellbeing call can be implemented. This involves an operator making the call to check on the user’s well-being or to give them a reminder. Contact us for more information on these calls.

What if the user needs assistance?

Regular well-being phone calls can help to ensure that users are safe and well, detecting if there is an issue as early as possible. Should a user require assistance or if they fail to answer the call, it will be displayed on a dashboard and flagged for a follow-up call. An operator will then try to make contact again. They will have access to vital information about the customer, which will support them to make informed decisions about the next steps needed. This information could include any medical conditions, GP details and key contact information.

Benefits of well-being phone calls

At Careium, we offer a number of different types of well-being calls to our customers. These include welfare calls and condition management calls, where we will check you are OK and safe; carer support calls, where calls can provide some respite should carers not be on site with you; and medication reminders, where you’ll receive a prompt to take prescribed medication at the right time.

Having this set pattern of contact can help those who live alone feel less isolated and help structure their daily routines. It supports independent living by providing a security blanket for friends and family so that their loved one’s well-being is being monitored. It also ensures that any issues or problems are flagged at the earliest opportunity so they can be resolved.

The user is able to schedule exactly when they’d like to receive a call. If required, they can receive multiple calls a day, and the service is available seven days a week and 24 hours a day.

Plus, the service has no language barriers, either. Multilingual wellbeing phone calls are available in 180 of the most widely spoken languages globally

Careium well-being phone calls

Our well-being call service is available as a stand-alone service for users who want additional peace of mind and regular contact. The cost is 79p per call and you can schedule as many as you need. There is a one-off service set-up fee of £29.99.

Alternatively, if you are already a user of our personal alarms – either an in-home personal alarm or the out-and-about personal alarm service – there is no set-up fee and you pay only for each call you schedule.

If you’d like to speak with us about setting up your own well-being call service or want to find out more information, please contact Careium.