Partnership with Ethelcare showing impressive results

Careium’s partnership with Ethelcare, an innovative virtual care service, has been delivering impressive results through a pilot project with Cumberland Council. It has shown that Ethelcare can effectively enhance care delivery, promote independence, and reduce care costs.

Some service users were even able to transition to a fully virtual care model, which allowed them to receive care and support from the comfort of their own homes. This not only improved their quality of life but also reduced the need for costly in-person visits and hospital visits.

Three case studies have highlighted the success of Ethel in assisting individuals in their post-hospital recovery. From facilitating daily tasks, providing reminders, and ensuring proper hydration and nutrition, to fostering a sense of independence and confidence, Ethel has proven to be a crucial tool in the reablement process. Read more on the case studies.

Amanda McCourt, Teams Manager of Care Services at Cumberland Council, explained how the project started, “When Careium presented the service to us, we were immediately interested in its capability. Ethel seemed simple for service users and straightforward for our care teams to deliver virtual care services. With Careium’s support we trained our staff to become proficient with the portal and deliver virtual care calls from our remote offices. The people who have used the device have all found it really helpful to promote their independence. We have received positive feedback, and some people would have liked to keep Ethel in situ. The barrier we have found on some occasions is that the clients haven’t got broadband, but we have now resolved this issue as Careium has provided a mobile broadband router for us to trial, which means there is no barrier to connecting people. We are now assessing people differently to see if they qualify for remote care support rather than the de facto being physical and this has provided a lot of capacity for us. Yes of course there had been a few technical hurdles for us to overcome initially as there always is with change, but our teams have been great and Careium’s support, and Ethelcare where needed, have really helped us in the delivery of an efficient service”.

Many care professionals currently deliver reablement, wellbeing and medication services and care packages via direct face to face contact. However, providing ongoing clinical care outside the hospital is often challenging. These case studies show that Ethel’s virtual or blended model is able to support remote care and support, hospital discharge, medication management and reduced social isolation.

“We are immensely pleased with the outcomes of Careium and Cumberland Council’s innovative pilot.  It has effectively showcased the powerful combination of Cumberland Council’s bold vision, Ethelcare’s cutting-edge virtual care solution and Careium’s proactive leadership in the pilot, significantly enhancing the standard of care and overall well-being for the community in Cumberland. The capability to deliver consistent, high-quality care remotely not only promotes independence among service users but also reflects our dedication to pioneering sustainable healthcare solutions.” said Deepak Samson, CEO Ethelcare.

Gary Clark, Technical Director at Careium, added, “With NHS services in high demand, virtual care delivery can be revolutionary for local authorities and organisations. We are delighted to see the benefits unfolding for residents of Cumberland Council and to have supported them with the pilot. We have strong partnerships with our customers, who use our social alarm products and monitoring services, and we look forward to supporting many more local authorities with the introduction of this technology.”

For further information on Ethelcare and Careium’s partnership, please see our blog post. Contact us at [email protected] to find out how we can support your organisation changes its model of care delivery, including pilots and free trials.