Happiness Happens Month – the best free ways to feel good

August is Happiness Happens Month, so there’s never been a better time to think about the best free ways to feel good. With the recent heatwave the UK has seen, getting outside is more accessible for many, meaning there’s plenty of free ways to stay happy and healthy. Here, the team at Careium discuss the best free ways to feel good…

Swap an indoor activity for an outdoor activity

If you usually take the bus to the shops or eat most meals at home, consider walking or having a picnic in your garden, at the beach or in a local park. If the weather is hotter than usual, remember to drink plenty of fluids, wear loose fitting cool clothing and stay in the shade. If you are put off going outside due to falls or a lack of confidence in your mobility, considering a GPS tracker or Lifeline pendant that works in your garden could offer peace of mind.

Do something for someone else

Volunteering at a charity event or even doing something as simple as making someone a cake for their birthday can be one of the best free ways to feel good. If you’re retired and occasionally feel as if you lack purpose, walking someone’s dog that is less able or helping a neighbour with their shopping can make you feel appreciated and positive

Exercise regularly

This doesn’t have to be anything strenuous, something as simple as a daily walk with a pet or yoga in your garden or lounge can help release endorphins and help you to feel energised for the day ahead. YouTube has a number of tutorials for gentle exercises that don’t cost the earth in equipment or membership fees.

Take up a hobby

One of the best free ways to feel good is to take up a hobby. It could be something you can pick up whenever you feel like it such as baking or writing a short story, or it could be something more active like joining a local sports team or attending a book club. There are plenty of places you can visit in the UK for free too!

Look after an animal

Research has repeatedly shown that being around animals can help to have a calming effect on humans, especially those with anxiety. If you don’t own a pet, spending time with a neighbour’s pet or offering to walk someone’s dog is a great option. For the extra feel good factor, consider helping out at an animal shelter or even visit a farm for a relaxing day out.

Hop on the bus!

If you’re of state pension age in England, you are entitled to a free bus pass. If there’s a scenic route in your local area, consider hopping on board to explore somewhere you never or rarely visit.

Try something new

Whether it’s turning your hand to a new technology or meeting new people, getting out of your comfort zone can leave you feeling challenged and like you’ve achieved something.

To find out more about how Lifeline support can help you enjoy feeling good, please give our friendly experts a call on 0300 333 6511 or message us. Did you know you can also now buy selected telecare items online too?