Meet Gary – our Technical Director

Customer service reaches every corner of our business. We are proud to be a company with very dedicated professionals focused on providing first rate service to every customer. This includes not only call handlers, but also customer service, tech support, sales and the field teams. All employees work tirelessly to ensure that every customer interaction is positive, efficient and solution oriented.

In the UK our team of technical support staff is responsible for dealing with customers’ day-to-day technical problems and questions. Heading up the team is Gary Clark, who also leads our digital transformation and innovation strategy and today he gives insight into his important role at Careium.

“I joined Careium in March 2022, firstly as Digital Transformation Director which shortly morphed in a more technical role. I have been in the telecare industry for 18 years and it runs in the family as both my father and brother work in the sector too. I am so dedicated to, and passionate about, technology enabled care. I think what we do to improve vulnerable people’s lives every day is absolutely why I have spent this long in this wonderful sector, and I hope to spend the rest of my working life in it too. Our team plays a crucial role in ensuring that customers have working alarm systems. We address faults reactively as a result of a customer reaching out to us with an issue, but also proactively by monitoring our device heartbeats, wellbeing and digital platforms.

I am responsible for ensuring that our technical operations meet, and where we can, exceed our customers’ expectations. The team troubleshoot via phone and email and support our internal teams to ensure that issues are resolved as quickly as possible.

I’m absolutely delighted and proud to have 4 incredible team members Lisa, Simon, Barry and Lauren and between us we have nearly 100 years combined experience in the TEC industry!

Our day to day can be so varied, from dealing with a simple administrative task adding a device to our management platform, to more complex troubleshooting that takes time to resolve. However, we are very fortunate to have market leading trusted products that are reliable, high-quality and smartly designed.

Each and every day we are searching for new innovative technologies, testing devices that allow our customers to connect to our ARC, meeting customers and assisting them on their digital journey, troubleshooting issues and supporting the team in delivering the service our customers expect from them. I also have the pleasure of being part of the senior management team who regularly meet to ensure we are planning for the future but also reviewing how we can do things better.

I am delighted to say that over the past year I have led the introduction of 3 new innovative partner products and implementation of a market leading automated calling platform which has contributed to transforming our operations. As my team sits clearly at the front line to our customers, we regularly ask for feedback and I’m so grateful when our customers take the time to write a Trustpilot review or complete an online survey – currently 98% said they were happy with our service on the technical helpdesk.

I hope it shines through that I love what I do and am proud to be a Careium employee!  We are facing a very exciting future in this sector, a future that we should all be proud of!