Memory Loss Infographic – which product is right for you?

Memory loss can be upsetting and unsettling for both those who have it and those who care for someone with it. It is common to start to forget things in older age due to changes in brain function, but there are varying degrees of forgetfulness, some of which are more concerning than others.

It’s important to always seek advice from your GP or a healthcare professional if memory loss is impacting your life and becomes a cause for concern, as it can be a symptom of Dementia or other illnesses.

Some mild memory loss can be a symptom of getting older – there are a number of small ways to help your brain focus should you notice very small changes in the way your brain functions. You may find you are deficient in some vitamins if you experience temporary memory loss or that changes to your memory may be a result of stress or anxiety during difficult periods. Often memories can be triggered by smells or sounds so if you find yourself unable to recall a certain event, these can help aid your memory.

The UK Care Guide has recently undertaken a big piece of research and produced a comprehensive infographic on 51 tips to help you live with dementia.

Telecare can actively improve the quality of life of someone living with dementia and support many families as well. Here are Careium’s recommendations of products:

450 – a GPS device that’s an excellent solution for bringing greater peace of mind to family if their loved one walks about

Smoke detectors – linked and monitored by an ARC, it’s an alert to provide early warning signs of danger

Bed / Chair sensors – for those who are frail and at risk of falls, it can ensure help arrives quickly

Door sensors – to help people with dementia live safely in the community, now with new enhanced features.

Our full range of products can be found in our catalogue.

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