How are telecare services beneficial to social workers?

​​Social workers often have a challenging role, but the work they do is crucial in our communities. They play a valuable role in our society, and subsequently get to know the needs of the people they look after and the challenges they face in daily life.

Ultimately, the support that social workers give their vulnerable clients in terms of assessing needs means that they could be responsible for introducing them to life changing equipment.

Quality of life and independence are of paramount importance to those with physical or mental disabilities, and telecare services can help to support these needs. Often a lack of understanding or awareness of the services available to assist with daily living can mean that those who require assistance to leave the house or live independently may not be aware of the vital support aids that could bring them greater peace of mind. Personal alarms and sensory products can provide help in these instances, and have already proved invaluable to those with mobility issues.

An elderly man talking to his social care worker

Older people in particular may be fearful or sceptical about technology and how it can work for them, but social workers can be hugely helpful in building trust about telecare services, so that clients feel more at ease in how telecare can support living independently.

While there is undoubtedly no substitute for personal relationships, technology can enable greater integration into communities, encouraging many who are capable to venture outdoors, more freedom for carers or provide assistance with daily activities that many may take for granted.

Adult Social Care budgets may be reduced by encouraging the use of telecare services. When choosing a telecare system for a client, social workers can play a crucial role in ensuring their clients have the right devices for their needs and capabilities.

Many social workers also build strong relationships with the people they look after and personal alarms can give peace of mind to healthcare professionals, knowing there is support available to their clients 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Telecare services are not limited to personal pendant alarms and there are monitoring systems that can provide assistance for those who have recently left a hospital care environment, or who may otherwise be in residential care, meaning a broad spectrum of needs are catered for. Other telecare services available include keysafe security items and sensors which can be utilised in case of emergency.

Ensuring clients and social workers can both make the most of a telecare service is important. Social workers must also consider the balance between the use of telecare services and their impact on the wider community, as well as ascertaining where telecare services may be able to help individuals to have more freedom over choices and decisions that may otherwise have been made with the support of a social worker or family member. Therefore, choosing a provider who is accredited and can offer round the clock assistance is crucial.

Careium has been working with local councils and social workers for many years now and we fully understand what is needed.

Here’s a testimonial from a local adult social care and health team about some of our recent work for them:

“My appreciation to Careium for the urgent install which reduces the risks to this individual, whilst relieving the anxiety for his family and above all keep him as safe as possible, a tremendous thank you from all at the East Sussex Health and Social Care Connect Team.”

As technology grows in all areas of society, it seems only natural that the telecare services industry should continue to evolve and improve its offering to those in our communities who can benefit from it most.

Careium is committed to providing the best quality service and care, as well as the most innovative systems, to ensure that individual well-being and independence continues. By working together with social workers and health industry professionals, telecare providers such as Careium may continue to develop on the latest technologies in order to offer people with any number of challenging conditions the opportunity to live the fulfilling lives that they deserve.

To find out more about any of our telecare services or for help and advice on which products may best suit your clients’ needs, please call our expert team on 0300 333 6511.