Welbeing Annual Report 2017/8

Once again 2017/2018 has been a year of growth and positive change for Welbeing. The most significant of which was the purchase of Welbeing by Doro Group, Sweden. The undertaking of the move was carefully thought through by Welbeing’s Directors to ensure it was implemented in the best way for all involved including workers and customers. Doro was confirmed as the brand that could provide a clear strategy and demonstrate an unrivalled passion for moving the business forward.

Doro is committed to its work within the senior industry, having worked with customers in the sector for many years providing telecommunications. The brand is to invest substantially in ways to utilise technology to enhance the lives of the elderly in our community.

The Doro takeover isn’t the only big change Welbeing has seen over the last year as our two office locations merged to a single large site in Eastbourne, East Sussex. Despite the logistical implications of such a large move, the relocation was well received by staff and the local community alike. The office move came as we also relaunched a new, user friendly and responsive website. In addition to this, we have since launched our online shop, making it even easier for our customers to order some of our most sought after telecare items at the click of a button.

Read more about Doro’s investment and Welbeing’s achievements during 2017 as well as our plans for 2018 and beyond by downloading the Annual Report.